Polyglot 1.2.4

A new version of Polyglot has been released! Give it a try!

gem install jekyll-polyglot

This release was made possible due to the kind support of github user vlsi, who helped fix a few bugs and added new features:

Support translation of absolute URLs

Polyglot will now translate your site.url, so absolute urls will now get translated as well.

Translation of all Jekyll Collections

Jekyll collections are a fairly new feature. This update translates all registered collections, not just site posts and pages.

Use language-specific _data for site.data rich text when site.data[:lang] is present

Top level rich text organized by language will be assigned to the site.data when building. Before, when rendering rich text, you would have to use:

{{ site.data[site.active_lang].richTextString }}

Now rich text can be rendered with just:

{{ site.data.richTextString }}

The I18n_Headers tag now defaults to site.url when left blank

Users can now use

{% I18n_Headers %}

without specifying a url, defaulting it to your site.url