Polyglot 1.3.0

A new version of Polyglot has been released! Give it a try!

gem install jekyll-polyglot

This release was made possible with the support of the following github users:

Recursively merge language specific site.data

Language specific content defined in your site.data directory will now be recursively merged together, so that active_lang content gets precedence over default_lang content, gets precedence over language non-specific content. (#59)

Still build unassigned files to the default_lang site root

If the default_lang is not defined in the languages, this ensures that language unassigned files (such as those excluded from localization) are still written out to the site root. (#65)

Performance improvements and fixes for i18n_headers tag

Document processing is now faster, and fixes were made to the i18n_headers for when the site.url is defined. (#67)

Custom keys for active_lang site payload

This allows custom keys to be defined with the active_lang, giving interoperability between polyglot and other plugins and themes. (#68)