Polyglot 1.6.0 and Simplified Chinese language support

The Polyglot website has been updated with support for Chinese!

This is made possible by aturret, who contributed numerous bugfixes to the plugin, the website, and an entirely new site translation.

Additionally, jekyll-polyglot 1.6.0 is now available from rubygems.

Fix for relativization of frozen strings

Polyglot used String::gsub! which mutates a .frozen? string. This has now been fixed to duplicate the cloned string before modifying it.

Fix for site navigation not being translated

A typo in the html on the site layout prevented the previous page navigation from being translated correctly.

Support for Chinese Language

With a big 谢谢 of support and appreciation to aturret, polyglot.untra.io now supports a zh-CN Simplified Chinese translation!