Polyglot 1.7.0 and `page_id` front-matter for different permalinks by language

I’m excited to announce Jekyll-Polyglot 1.7.0, which has a new feature to give pages language specific permalinks and to retain their association to other relative pages.

This new feature is provided by antoniovazquezblanco, who is a gentleman and a scholar.

Polyglot associates pages by matching their permalinks or filenames. However some site translations may instead desire pages with unique permalinks.

Polyglot already coordinates multiple copes of the same document across different languages. So keying off of a different property like page_id is no different than keying off of the permalink.

Using a page_id to coordinate similar pages with different permalinks ensures that custom permalinks can still be seen on language specific sites.

The challenge with unique permalinks comes with relativizing those urls. Polyglot avoids this problem entirely by suggesting consistent permalinks.

To help with this, polyglot sets redirect_from hidden frontmatter on these pages, listing the unique permalinks of corresponding pages.

When using the jekyll-redirect-from plugin, that frontmatter will be picked up, and intelligent redirects made to the page’s custom permalink.

To see this in action, visit this page with a long permalink in different languages.

Other bug fixes

  • This release should have a fix for #151 and #184, preventing crashes on startup when calling other jekyll commands.

Polyglot 1.6.0 以及简体中文支持

Polyglot 网站 现已更新支持中文!

本次更新由 aturret 带来。他做出了包括插件 bug 修正、网站 bug 修正,以及整个网站的中文完全翻译在内的诸多贡献。

此外,现在可以通过 RubyGems 下载 jekyll-polyglot 1.6.0 了。


Polyglot 先前使用 String::gsub! 进行字符串修正,导致在修正 .frozen? 字符串时出现错误。现在已通过在修改之前复制一份克隆的字符串修复此问题。


之前,网站布局中 html 中存在拼写错误,导致无法正确翻译之前的翻页导航。现已修复。


要向 aturret 的支持和欣赏说声大大的谢谢, polyglot.untra.io 现在支持 zh-CN 简体中文翻译了!

Polyglot 网站朝鲜语支持上线

Polyglot 网站 现已更新提供对朝鲜语的支持!

感谢 SalinatedCoffee 提供翻译贡献!프로젝트를 도와 주셔서 고마워요!

Polyglot 1.5.1

Polyglot 1.5.1 版本现已发布。

锚点链接中 url 的相对化

在 GitHub 用户 dougieh 的帮助下, Polyglot 现在可以相对化锚点链接中的 url 了。


Shalom,我的希伯来兄弟姐妹们!Polyglot 官方网站现在支持 עברית 了!


感谢 GitHub 用户 @PanderMusubi,本网站现已支持 nl 荷兰语!Bedankt!