Polyglot 1.4.0

Polyglot version 1.4.0 is out!

gem install jekyll-polyglot

static unrelativized href

This release provides a new liquid block tag {% static_href %}href=”…”{% endstatic_href %} which can be used to create href attributes in anchor tags that are not relativized by Polyglot.

Jekyll-Polyglot is fairly greedy and naive in it’s relativization, and so if you want a url that is explicitly static (such as for making a language switcher, hint hint), this liquid tag will help you construct that unmangled href=”…” tag in anchor elements.

Exclusive site language generation

Polyglot 1.4.0 adds support for lang-exclusive: [ ] frontmatter in documents. If added to a document, this frontmatter will limit generation of the document to that specific language.

lang-exclusive: ['pt-BR']

This is a way to control which languages may see a document, even if that document may not have an equivalent in the default language site.

Renaming a few liquid tags

The {% static_href %} tag is also available as {% Static_Href %} , and the existing {% I18n_Headers %} tag now can be called as {% i18n_headers %}

I am looking for any volunteers that would like to see the Jekyll-Polyglot homepage represented in your language of origin! If you find this software helpful and want to see your language represented, just reach out on the github issues.