Polyglot 1.5.1

Polyglot Release for version 1.5.1.

With support from dougieh Polyglot will now relativize urls in anchor links.

Support for Hebrew

Shalom my hebrews and shebrews, Polyglot’s website is now in עברית!

Dutch Site Support

Thanks to github user @PanderMusubi the site now supports nl dutch! Bedankt!

Polyglot 1.5.0

Полиглот Релиз для версии version 1.5.0, с новой поддержкой поэтапной сборки по логическому процессору..

Более быстрые сборки в шахматном порядке

This release modifies polyglot to start builds only after it confirms there is a cpu core ready to receive the build thread. This makes jekyll site builds run much faster on machines building more languages than with logical cpus ready to process the builds, preventing machine thrash and streamlining builds for large sites.

Разные обновления

  • Added Links to the github source code on every page on the site from the sidebar.
  • Updated repo readme with new details about logical cpu usage.
  • Polyglot continuous integration now provided by CircleCI.
  • Github user musicmichaelc created a jekyll theme with updates for use with polyglot multilingual support.


This release was made possible with the support of the following github users!

Хотеть помочь?

Помогло ли Polyglot расширить ваш веб-сайт на новые территории и рынки? У вас есть предложения, предложения или исправления, которые вы хотели бы внести? Хотите, чтобы этот веб-сайт был переведен на ваш родной язык?

Drop me a line, open a issues or make a PR!

Мы очень ценим любую поддержку и вклад.

Polyglot 1.4.1

Выпуск бонусного патча Polyglot version 1.4.1 теперь доступно!

небольшое исправление для i18n_headers

Последствия очистки привели к небольшому исправлению и некоторым тестам.

say Привет to our russian friends

Добавлены русскоязычные страницы сайта! Ура, друзья!

Я ищу добровольцев, которые хотели бы увидеть Jekyll-Polyglot homepage представлены на вашем родном языке! Если вы найдете это программное обеспечение полезным и хотите, чтобы ваш язык был представлен на нем, просто свяжитесь с github issues.

Polyglot 1.4.0

Polyglot version 1.4.0 is out!

gem install jekyll-polyglot

static unrelativized href

This release provides a new liquid block tag {% static_href %}href=”…”{% endstatic_href %} which can be used to create href attributes in anchor tags that are not relativized by Polyglot.

Jekyll-Polyglot is fairly greedy and naive in it’s relativization, and so if you want a url that is explicitly static (such as for making a language switcher, hint hint), this liquid tag will help you construct that unmangled href=”…” tag in anchor elements.

Exclusive site language generation

Polyglot 1.4.0 adds support for lang-exclusive: [ ] frontmatter in documents. If added to a document, this frontmatter will limit generation of the document to that specific language.

lang-exclusive: ['ru']

This is a way to control which languages may see a document, even if that document may not have an equivalent in the default language site.

Renaming a few liquid tags

The {% static_href %} tag is also available as {% Static_Href %} , and the existing {% I18n_Headers %} tag now can be called as {% i18n_headers %}

I am looking for any volunteers that would like to see the Jekyll-Polyglot homepage represented in your language of origin! If you find this software helpful and want to see your language represented, just reach out on the github issues.